Who’s Going to Return at WWE Royal Rumble 2021?

WWE always has some ways to surprise their wrestling sports fans so that they can stick to the program for a long time. At the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble 2021, there will be a lot of surprises that can make all of the fans not stay away from their seats.

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 card

Despite being held without fans in the venue, you can still watch the special event through your favorite screens. The match will feature 30 men and 30 women matches. But when the buzzer hits zero, you just don’t want to get away yet since there will be some superstars who make a comeback. We have seen a list of names who showed up when the buzzer hit zero such as Diesel, Booker T, Edge, Mick Foley, Jacqueline, Lita, Michelle McCool, and so on.

There have been a lot of speculations amongst the WWE fan’s communities about who is going to make the comeback. We have gathered the information from our trustworthy resource and come up with 10 names, 5 from Women Royal Rumble Match, and 5 from Men Royal Rumble Match.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match


Jazz announced her retirement back in October 2020. But she appeared in Impact Wrestling. And for the fighter’s calibre, it would be a pity if she does not appear in the upcoming match.

Eva Marie

Retired in 2017 from WWE, her name has been often mentioned for a return. “All Red Everything” has done the vouch. It has been suggested that she could be a love interest for Angel Garza. Making an appearance at WWE Royal Rumble is definitely not a loss for her.


Melina left in 2009. but since then, there have been a lot of speculations and rumors about her return. Melina has been pretty influential in the world of WWE. With such a persona, it is not surprising that she potentially joins the upcoming match.


Victoria left WWE back in 2009. She is one of the best wrestlers in the particular categories. It is going to be a great time to see Victoria come back in the ring again.

Trish Stratus

She retired back in 2006. Although the professional’s status is retiring, we have seen her a lot in some surprises, matches, and events. Some insiders have confirmed the strong potential of her comeback in the Royal Rumble.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

The Rock

The Rock won the WWE Royal Rumble in 2000. But since then, we didn’t see the fighter get the crown again. The People’s Champion could possibly enter the ring when the buzzer is at zero, or not. But one thing for sure, we all want him to come back.

CM Punk

CM Punk left the company in 2014. CM Punk has been a guest on several occasions. So, the Royal Rumble could be his next rodeo as the guest star.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe withdrew from some matches because of his injury problems. We have seen a lot of influences this wrestler can bring to RAW. Now, since he has been fully healed, it is time to get back to the ring. He is not done for the ring anyway.


The mid-carded wrestler has made such a huge impact in the WWE. He has not appeared since the 2014 Hall of Fame induction when his father was featured. Experts suggested that there has been potential to sign for WWE Royal Rumble. If it happens, it would be great.

John Cena

There have been a lot of great moments created by John Cena. We admit that he is one of the best wrestlers to ever live on earth. Many people have been waiting for him to come back.

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